Bathroom Layout Guide for Maximizing Space in 2023

We’ve all dreamed of a well-organized bathroom paradise—a place to unwind and relax while enjoying a hot bubble bath or refreshing shower. With the right bathroom layout tips, you can design an open-floor bathroom to fit everything important to you and bring your dream space to life!


Here at the Bath Barn, we help homeowners design spacious and organized bathroom makeovers that fit their spaces and sense of style. You can start planning your organization makeover today with the help of this bathroom layout guide from our experts. We’ll provide you with all of our best bathroom layout tips so that you can begin maximizing your space.


Read on to take a deep dive into our bathroom layout guide or contact us now for a free consultation on our bathroom remodeling and design services.


Bathroom Layout Tips To Create Open-Floor Bathrooms

Bathroom Layout Tips

You’re the expert on your bathroom layout because you know what features your family needs most of all.


The design experts at the Bath Barn want to come alongside you and help you accomplish your vision for your open-floor bathroom. Although there’s no set rule for how to organize your bathroom, there are some tips we recommend to help give your bathroom a more spacious feel.


Here are our best floor plan ideas for transforming your new bathroom into a reality:

  • Focal point: When family or friends come into your bathroom, what do you want them to see when they first walk in the door? Your vanity or shower are great options for showcasing your room and making a good first impression.
  • Glass: Use glass on multiple sides of your shower to allow the shower to feel more open and the room to feel larger.
  • Tub: Use a free standing tub rather than a built in tub deck to allow the space to look more open.

Not sure where to begin with your open-floor bathroom?  Bath Barn is here to help with our bathroom remodeling services! Connect with our specialists today to get started with a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss our bathroom layout guide and your vision for your bathroom project.


Bathroom Layout Advice To Help Organize Your Space

Famous design experts from Marie Kondo to Martha Stewart understand that the fashionable design of your room is only as good as its organization. If you have a beautiful space filled with clutter, then you’ve missed out on your dream space.


The right bathroom layout advice can help you to maximize your space and minimize clutter. Here is a list of our best bathroom layout tips for building organization features into your room:

  • Mirrors: A mirror gives the optical illusion of a larger space and adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom space. It also reflects light, making each of your light sources, from skylights to light fixtures, shine more brightly.
  • Mirrored Recessed Medicine Cabinets: A recessed medicine cabinet set within your wall looks like just a mirror but allows for extra space to store toothbrushes and toiletries.
  • Floating shelves/Cabinets: You can install narrow floating shelves or cabinets above spaces like the toilet to add storage.

Love this bathroom layout guide and want more bathroom layout tips to maximize your space? Connect with our team of design experts for a free consultation on bathroom remodeling services or shop accessories like the ones featured above.


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Planning your bathroom layout can seem like a long and complicated process, but you don’t need to do it alone. The experts here at the Bath Barn have more than 50 years of experience helping homeowners like you with a stress-free process, from bathroom remodeling and design to repair services. We’ll walk with you every step of the way to design and remodel the open-floor bathroom of your dreams!


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