Our History

The Bath Barn is the retail showroom for Mervin Zimmerman Inc. and was named with the company’s roots in mind. Mervin Zimmerman Inc. was established in 1968 in a barn in Lititz, PA, and has been family-owned and operated ever since. The Bath Barn offers the latest designs and technology and features a variety of working bathroom displays, along with hundreds of quality fixtures, parts and accessories. We think you’ll love our selection and appreciate the personal service we have to offer. Our design consultants are always on hand to help you make your selections and answer any of your questions. Contact us today or stop by to get started on your next bathroom remodeling project!

Bath Barn Logo

Property is purchased by Mervin & Martha Zimmerman with the intent to establish a business. Mervin & Martha move in to a house on the property with their 4 children.

bath barn zimmerman family
Bath Barn Logo
September 1968

Mervin opens his plumbing & HVAC business

first zimmerman plumbing hvac
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The business has grown and Mervin hires his brother Lester as his first employee.

Bath Barn Logo

Mervin’s dream of having a plumbing store & showroom is beginning and part of the barn is remodeled into a storefront selling parts and fixtures.


zimmerman plumbing showroom
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Mervin’s business continues to grow and is incorporated, becoming Mervin Zimmerman Inc.

Mervin Zimmerman
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Mervin’s youngest son Merle joins Bonnie and his 2 older brothers working for the family business.

zimmerman family
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Addition to the Store & Showroom is built with a Grand Opening in September of 1985.

showroom grand opening
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A Warehouse is built and additional offices are created as the business continues to grow and flourish.

zimmerman warehouse 1988
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Mervin’s son Merle becomes president and part owner of Mervin Zimmerman Inc & Mervin begins to reduce his official duties.

mervin merle zimmerman
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2005 - 2006

Planning, Construction & Opening of a new and expanded showroom.

zimmerman expanded showroom
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Grand Opening for the new showroom giving enlarged space a new name – The Bath Barn.

bath barn showroom
Bath Barn Logo

Mervin passes away and gifts his shares of the business to his daughter Bonnie & grandchildren Cody & Linsey forming a partnership with Merle to run the business.

merle bonnie zimmerman
Bath Barn Logo

An updated logo and rebranding is given to Bath Barn and Mervin Zimmerman Inc.

new bath barn showroom

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