Quantity Discounts Every Single Day!

The more you buy the more you save! Many years ago we put in place a discount structure to help customers purchase quality, high functioning and beautiful fixtures for their bathroom began because Mervin Zimmerman, the founder, wanted to help everyone afford bathroom products.

The top starts to look worn in your bathroom so you think I’ll get this replaced and this starts a project that leads into all kinds of other decisions and choices. What started as a small project leads into a larger project and that is where we come in and help you save. Our fixtures come through the plumbing industry and not through the hardware store line which means they are built better and the quality is there to last longer.

All fixtures such as baths, vanities, vanity tops, cabinetry, faucets, shower doors, toilets and more are discounted as listed below:

  • From 0 to $2499.00 – 10% Discount
  • $2500.00 to 5999.00 – 15% Discount
  • $6000.00 and above – 20% Discount

Our goal is to help you chose fixtures that give you a beautiful and functional bathroom that lasts for many years to come.