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Whether you need to replace an ailing toilet or want to upgrade as part of a complete bathroom makeover, we offer reliable toilets for every need and budget from the names you know.

Visit our Lancaster showroom to see round, elongated and one-piece toilet styles on display or contact us for help with selecting the right toilet for your needs.

Toilet Styles

One Piece Styled Toilet


One-Piece toilets are designed to have a quiet flush and give a sleek, smooth look. Since tank and bowl are all one it is easier to clean. They are available in round or elongated and usually cost more than two-piece toilets. They come in standard and comfort heights.

Classic two-piece toilet


Two-Piece toilets are the most common toilets found in homes today. The tank and bowl are separate components that are sold together. They are available in round or elongated shapes and designed in many styles. Standard and comfort heights are available

Dual Flush Handle


Dual-flush toilets are designed to save water. They offer a .8 gallon flush for lighter loads and a 1.6 gallon flush for heavier loads. They are also available in round or elongated shapes with standard or comfort height options.

Toilet Style Bidet


Used for quick clean-up, a bidet option is available as an addition to any toilet. Not many American homes have the space for these, but they are very popular in Europe and other countries.

Toilet Style Urinal


Although most commonly installed in commercial men's bathrooms, urinals can be installed in residential homes as well. They are available in many shapes and sizes and some have a waterless option.

Touchless Toilet


Touchless (hands-free) flushing is new technology that promotes hygiene. Touchless allows for fewer germs to be picked up or left behind. To flush these toilets all you do is hold your hand over the tank.

Wallhung Toilet


Wall-hung toilets save space by having the tank installed in the wall. Dual-Flush technology helps save water. For a sleek and clean look these toilets are a great option.

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