Technology has reached Kitchen faucets – Touch2O® Technology Faucets by Delta

When the Touch2O® Technology by Delta came out I was really skeptical. I had just become a huge fan of the pull-out and pull-down spray kitchen faucets. In remodeling my kitchen, I pondered long over changing from the traditional faucet with a side spray to a pull-out with a hose that seemed like just another maintenance problem waiting to happen.  At the same time, I also made the leap to have a kitchen faucet with a stainless finish instead of the traditional chrome finish. Immediately, I fell in love with my faucet’s function and the look of the finish, and I started recommending it to others.

Several years later I was invited by Delta to come to their headquarters in Indiana and see how Delta and Brizo faucets are made. By this time the Touch2O® Technology had been out for a few years and when customers would ask me about the faucet I was not always encouraging. It was a very informative trip that showed me why they use the Touch2O® Technology instead of the hands-free faucets from their competitors. Okay, I could buy some of it but was still skeptical.

Delta did a smart thing though and gave us a choice between two kitchen faucets with this technology that they would send to our home several weeks later. I really had no desire to install this faucet in my kitchen but a FREE faucet you don’t say no! My thoughts were that I could give it to someone but then an idea started to form and that was to update my laundry sink and with that I moved my current kitchen faucet which I loved to the laundry and had Mervin Zimmerman install my FREE Delta’s Cassidy Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with the Touch2O® Technology. It had a battery pack below the sink that would need to be changed but other than that it was a simple installation.

So, I began getting use to this faucet and how it worked, and now after several years I love this technology! Change comes hard and some innovative items are not always as helpful as the advertisers promote but this one has really been a great addition. Now when I go to other people’s homes and use their sink faucet I am touching them with the back of my hand and nothing happens!

Years ago I thought why do I need a cell phone but now it is invaluable to me! I fight against change but in most cases for me it turns out to be the best!