Diverters, Transfer Valves, and Pressure Balancing Valves oh my!

The plumbing behind your walls is more than just pipes to carry water. The “trim” pieces you see on the outside hide a much more complex system of controlling and diverting water to the various showerheads and spouts as well as maintaining a constant temperature and pressure.

The first component of this system is often the Pressure Balancing Valve which combines hot and cold water at a constant pressure, preventing a sudden change in temperature should someone for instance flush a toilet.

If you have a bathtub typically the water will first be sent to the tub spout to fill the tub. A diverter, commonly a small pin shaped piece on the spout, will stop the water flowing out of the spout and send it instead to the showerhead.

In cases where there is no bathtub, only a shower, the water is usually sent directly to the showerhead but can be diverted to a handshower by use of a transfer valve. These can send water to one of two showerheads and with some models, to both.

The choices of how you want water to be controlled can be overwhelming but we are here to help. Our designers are experienced in creating such systems and will help determine exactly what valve, diverters, and other components you will need.

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