5 Defining Design Elements of Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms are a must for any high-end home. From spacious and luxurious materials to proper lighting, these luxe spaces can make you and guests feel like royalty as soon as they walk in the door! So, what exactly does it take to achieve a bathroom of this standard?

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Luxury Bathroom Design Elements

Back in the day, having running water was enough to classify a bathroom as “luxurious”. Today, it involves the right lighting, tiles, faucets, and so much more.
Here are the five design elements that every luxury bathroom must have:


Statement Mirror

There’s nothing like a gorgeous statement mirror to really bring your bathroom together. Think of it as a piece of art instead of the simple functionality – you are going to be staring at this thing every day after all! Many choose a beautiful ornate frame; however, there are plenty of other options available including metal framed mirrors which will provide a more modern feel while maintaining a traditional look.
Pricing: $250-$750


Featured Lighting

It’s easy to make your bathroom feel like a spa with the right lighting. Not only does it highlight all those wonderful features in your luxurious bathroom design, but task lights are perfect for illuminating what you’re doing while getting ready!

  • Vanity Lights – $100-$500
  • Pendant Lighting – $70-$300
  • Recessed Can Lighting – $200
  • Under Cabinet Lighting – $300
  • Lighted Mirror – $700-$2,000


Walk-In Tile Shower

The tile style you choose is what will elevate your bathroom to the luxury equivalence of a 5-star hotel. But which tile material is best? It’s hard to go wrong with marble. The beautiful stone has been used in countless high-end bathrooms and will add a luxurious touch for your own space, whether it be on the floor or casing the walls of your shower.
Pricing: $10-$18 per square foot


Free-Standing Tub and Shower

The right material for your tub can make all the difference in how long it lasts. Gelcoat Fiberglass tubs are generally your least expensive option. Fiberglass can vary on quality based on the thickness of the gel coating but generally will not hold up as long as an Acrylic Tub. Acrylic tubs are made of hard plastic that are heated and molded into the shape of the tub giving it a stronger integral structure than Gel Coat Fiberglass Tubs. Acrylics require regular maintenance just like stone does; while fiberglass doesn’t absorb much at all so its longevity will depend on cleaning frequency. Cast Iron is a high-quality product that has the strongest integral structure that will last. They come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your bathroom’s design.
Pricing: Starts at $750


Quartz Countertops for Luxury Bathrooms

Quartz countertops in the bathroom are a must-have for their durability and beauty. Not only do they make your space more luxurious, but also are durable enough to withstand any accidents that might happen on it! With natural antimicrobial protection from bacteria growth with no need of sealing or polishing – quartz is truly an investment you won’t regret making when considering all these benefits paired together into one gorgeous material.
Pricing: $800-$3,000


Bonus: Heated Floors!

Heated floors are a great touch for anyone designing a luxurious bathroom. Tile flooring is a long-lasting, high-quality material but is very cold. Heating the tile will keep the entire bathroom nice and warm, which is always appreciated after a hot shower or during winter months! Nothing feels more like luxury than stepping on a warm marble floor.
Pricing: $1,500-$3,000
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