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Maintaining your Faucet’s Finish

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Your faucet’s outer finish is one of its most visible parts, and keeping it looking new can be a challenge. Hard water, make up, and even toothpaste can, over time, wear away the finish.

To keep your faucets and fixtures looking their best, avoid using harsh cleaners or scrubbers. A wet washcloth with mild soap is usually enough. Avoid limescale removers or anything with an organic solvent such as alcohol. Be sure to rinse off any residual cleaner thoroughly and to dry your faucet with a towel.

For dried water spots, try a 50/50 blend of household vinegar and water. Once again, be sure to rinse off any vinegar once you’re done.

For information on how to best care for your specific faucet and finish, we recommend visiting the manufacturer’s website to find more detailed instructions.


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Bath Designers to the Rescue!

Most independent people like to figure things out for myself. It’s a challenge for them as they envision what needs done by creating a plan and then putting it into action!

As I grow older, it gets harder and harder to focus on one plan and see it to completion. My life is busier with family and work. Projects take longer to accomplish than before and a lot more thought. As I think about deciding to remodel my own bath, which should be easier since I help others choose faucets, vanities, toilets every day. But somehow it is not! I know all the choices but how do I find the right choice for me. For bathrooms the possibilities seem endless. Continue reading

50 Years of Service

Mervin Zimmerman, Inc & The Bath Barn Celebrates 50 Years!

Written by Bonnie Hoover

mervin zimmerman buildingFifty years ago, my dad, Mervin Zimmerman, decided to move to Lititz to start in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business. I was only 5 years old at the time, so this seemed like quite an adventure to move to a farm house in Lititz. A local bank helped Mervin purchase our small farm just outside Lititz with no down payment. Mervin’s background was in Heating and Air Conditioning and eventually he hired his brother, Lester Zimmerman to help with the plumbing and bath remodeling. The barn became his warehouse as he started out with a little red pickup truck. Mervin’s focus was about serving the needs of a residential customer. He enjoyed problem solving and figuring out how to repair something rather than just replace it. Continue reading