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Bath Designers to the Rescue!

Most independent people like to figure things out for myself. It’s a challenge for them as they envision what needs done by creating a plan and then putting it into action!

As I grow older, it gets harder and harder to focus on one plan and see it to completion. My life is busier with family and work. Projects take longer to accomplish than before and a lot more thought. As I think about deciding to remodel my own bath, which should be easier since I help others choose faucets, vanities, toilets every day. But somehow it is not! I know all the choices but how do I find the right choice for me. For bathrooms the possibilities seem endless.

When most people arrive at “The Bath Barn” they are coming to get ideas and start the process of deciding on fixtures, finding out what they can or can not have and styles they like. Very soon after they have looked at all the bath display’s they feel overwhelmed at all the choices and decisions that need to be made.

That is where our designers come to the rescue and walk them through the maze of choices to create a design for their bathroom that fits there needs as well as a beautiful oasis right in their very own home. Bath Designers listen to ideas, wants, and thoughts about their bath and help find the choices in fixtures to make the vision a reality. They also help with putting together colors that would give contrast and a visual cohesiveness to the flooring, cabinetry, faucet finishes and design of the bath.

Come to The Bath Barn showroom! Our designers look forward to meeting with you!

50 Years of Service

Mervin Zimmerman, Inc & The Bath Barn Celebrates 50 Years!

Written by Bonnie Hoover

Fifty years ago, my dad, Mervin Zimmerman, decided to move to Lititz to start in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business. I was only 5 years old at the time, so this seemed like quite an adventure to move to a farm house in Lititz. A local bank helped Mervin purchase our small farm just outside Lititz with no down payment. Mervin’s background was in Heating and Air Conditioning and eventually he hired his brother, Lester Zimmerman to help with the plumbing and bath remodeling. The barn became his warehouse as he started out with a little red pickup truck. Mervin’s focus was about serving the needs of a residential customer. He enjoyed problem solving and figuring out how to repair something rather than just replace it.

From the beginning, Mervin had a vision of having a retail store and showroom where customers could come to see products, get parts and receive advice. From this vision, he opened a small Retail Store and Showroom in part of the barn. Over the years, two more expansions of the retail store and showroom were finished. Merle took over the family business and we brainstormed how to let people know about our retail store and showroom. Merle said let’s call it “The Bath Barn”.

This year marks our 50th anniversary and I can hardly believe it has been that long. I started working with my dad in the office right out of high school and I remember while he was out on calls I took care of the store and helped the customers find parts or products they needed. Back then there was only 3 different toilet flappers and two different toilet tank levers. Chrome was the main finish for faucets with polished brass or gold being a real upgrade. Looking back, fixtures were a lot less complicated. Options of products for the bathroom has grown and with it beautiful designs that make it fun for me to help clients choose fixtures.

Over the years, we have grown from Mervin’s brother doing all our bath remodels to having many bath remodeling teams. Our foundation is still the same though, we want to serve and help all those who walk in our doors!

Thanks to all our customers that have kept us going through all the years. We invite you to stop in and see the new displays and reminisce with us!