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Mervin Zimmerman, Inc & The Bath Barn Celebrates 50 Years!

Written by Bonnie Hoover

Fifty years ago, my dad, Mervin Zimmerman, decided to move to Lititz to start in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business. I was only 5 years old at the time, so this seemed like quite an adventure to move to a farm house in Lititz. A local bank helped Mervin purchase our small farm just outside Lititz with no down payment. Mervin’s background was in Heating and Air Conditioning and eventually he hired his brother, Lester Zimmerman to help with the plumbing and bath remodeling. The barn became his warehouse as he started out with a little red pickup truck. Mervin’s focus was about serving the needs of a residential customer. He enjoyed problem solving and figuring out how to repair something rather than just replace it.

From the beginning, Mervin had a vision of having a retail store and showroom where customers could come to see products, get parts and receive advice. From this vision, he opened a small Retail Store and Showroom in part of the barn. Over the years, two more expansions of the retail store and showroom were finished. Merle took over the family business and we brainstormed how to let people know about our retail store and showroom. Merle said let’s call it “The Bath Barn”.

This year marks our 50th anniversary and I can hardly believe it has been that long. I started working with my dad in the office right out of high school and I remember while he was out on calls I took care of the store and helped the customers find parts or products they needed. Back then there was only 3 different toilet flappers and two different toilet tank levers. Chrome was the main finish for faucets with polished brass or gold being a real upgrade. Looking back, fixtures were a lot less complicated. Options of products for the bathroom has grown and with it beautiful designs that make it fun for me to help clients choose fixtures.

Over the years, we have grown from Mervin’s brother doing all our bath remodels to having many bath remodeling teams. Our foundation is still the same though, we want to serve and help all those who walk in our doors!

Thanks to all our customers that have kept us going through all the years. We invite you to stop in and see the new displays and reminisce with us!

White is the new trending color in baths

Years ago, white was not a popular color. Most people chose color fixtures like Almond, Heron blue, Seafoam Green or Wild Rose in their bathroom. The only time white was chosen is when price was a factor or if it was being used in a commercial bathroom. But now, most people want a bathroom with a lot of white.

So why is white so popular? First, white emotes a sense of cleanness and freshness. It symbolizes a fresh start or new beginning. A bath can be a sanctuary that provides a reprieve from the cares of the world as you soak in a tub or feel the spray of a shower. This leaves you refreshed to begin again. Second, white gives a feeling of peace with its simplicity. Today, we are looking for places in our homes that take us away from the stressful parts of life and calms our cluttered mind. Lastly, white makes a space look larger. It is great as a background or as the main color in a bath design because it creates dimension.

Often clients will say they have a blue or green bath tub and they don’t want that again! Invariably, they choose white, saying that they do not want to be stuck with a color that goes out of style.

Since I work in a bath showroom I get to help people combine colors, look at contrasts and mix texture as they design their bathroom. It is interesting to me to look back at the changes in products whether in color, style or shape. White in fixtures has been around from the beginning and it will continue to be a main part of baths. I am wondering if this trend will last or will the future trend include some brighter color fixtures. Currently, the next trend I am seeing is a return of gold fixtures. I never thought that would make a come-back!

Personally, I am not a fan of white fixtures for the bath. Although I like white or light shades as an accent in a bathroom I also love other colors in fixtures as it adds interest. My lack of love for white is probably because I grew up surrounded by colorful bath fixtures. Our baths at home always had the most interesting combination of colors. One of our baths had a red sink, gray toilet and gray tub/shower with silver/white wallpaper and red/black tweed carpet. My mom loved this bathroom especially the red sink. Later another bathroom was added and this time it had a tan tub/shower, tan toilet and the sink was evergreen. Can you imagine it? I know it doesn’t sound that appealing but it was awesome at the time!


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I remember growing up with a shower door that had a deep track that would get grimy with soap scum, so much so that it would make the door difficult to slide. But today shower door tracks are flat and much easier to maintain. There are even options for sliding shower doors that are frameless. Less metal and grooves means manageable cleaning. There are also a wide variety of glass and frame finish options that will give your bathroom an updated look.

Bathroom sink tops are another easy way to rejuvenate your bathroom. Bathroom sinks are used hard every day, and eventually they start to wear and lose their shine. Cultured marble tops are the least costly. However, if you wanted your sink top to last longer think about replacing your it with a Corian solid surface top or a Quartz top. Quartz looks like granite but you never have to seal it and Corian solid surface is easily maintained for many years. Corian is the same the whole way through your top so if scratches do happen they can be buffed or sanded to return it to its original luster.

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