Bathtub Styles - There's One to Fit Your Remodel

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom that spa-like feel is installing a great bathtub. There are more options than ever, whether you prefer the traditional bathtub/shower combination or would love the luxury of a separate bath to soothe the senses after a long day.

At The Bath Barn, we offer a variety of bathtub styles to suit your style and your budget. Visit our showroom to see some of our top-quality bathtubs on display and explore your options!

Bath Styles

Drop-in style bathtub


Designed with a finished rim and dropped into a deck made from water-resistant material, the drop-in bath works perfectly along just about any bathroom wall. This bath is not designed to have a stand-up shower, but a hand shower may be added for more flexibility.

Freestanding Bathtub


An elegant choice favored for it's contoured shape and installation flexibility. Freestanding baths are available in a variety of sizes and material options and may have legs on the base for additional style. Plumbing is roughed in under the floor, usually with a freestanding faucet.

Bath Alcove


The alcove bath is the traditional bath found in modern households, featuring a bathtub and shower combination. This bath is the perfect choice when you'll be incorporating tiling, but can also be used with other wall materials.

Corner Style Bath


A luxurious choice with space-saving features, the corner bath can be installed in a corner of the bath drop-in style or have a molded apron and tile-in flange, usually in a neo-angled shape. This bath often allows for 2-person bathing.

Undermount Bath Style


Similar to a drop-in bath, the undermount bath is held in place on a water-resistant deck. But while the drop-in bath is installed with a rim around the deck, the undermount style is mounted under the decking material, providing a smooth, modern look.

Walk-in Bath Style


The lower threshold of the walk-in bath makes it easy to enter and exit the bath, while still enjoying the water capacity of a regular bathtub. A built-in seat provides a comfortable bathing experience, while the bath door seals after entry to prevent leaks.

Whirlpool style tub

Whirlpool Baths

The ultimate in luxury, whirlpool baths are available in a variety of styles and materials. A roomy interior combines with the massaging action of whirlpool jets. Many options add additional luxury including back massage, heating options, colorful mood lighting, aromatherapy and multi-functional controls.

Airbath Style

Air Baths

Similar to the whirlpool bath, the air bath provides a bubbling massage. But the air bath's massage effect comes from air pumped through a series of holes built into the tub. The air bath does not require cleaning of a whirlpool piping system, requiring less maintenance than a typical whirlpool bath.

Visit our Lancaster area showroom to see our bath styles on display and talk with our experts to find the best bath for your needs! We carry top-quality bath products from the best brands in the industry including:

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